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Important Site Rules [ Must Read ]

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1 Important Site Rules [ Must Read ] on Fri Aug 30, 2013 10:33 pm


The following rules are implemented in order to ensure that the site runs smoothly for all members. Please read each one thoroughly and comply by them during your entire stay here at Pureblood Alliance RPG. If there is anything that is unclear to you, please do not hesitate to ask a staff member. Failure to adhere by these rules will result in punishment according to our Warning System.

General Rules

  • This is an alternate universe roleplay based on the manga and anime series Vampire Knight, written by Matsuri Hino. All elements related to the series are credited to the original artist, and this roleplay site claims no false credit for any themes from the manga or anime.

  • Please note that although this RPG is based on the Vampire Knight series, the plot contains certain original elements in order to stray away from the original plot, and we will not be directly relating to the original series.

  • Please create one account per character. While this may be a hassle for some people, it is to ensure that characters and roleplays do not become confusing, and also helps the staff with organization. When creating your account, please match it up with your character's name. If you don't know what that will be upon joining, that's fine, but keep in mind that an administrator will approach you after your character is made about changing your username.

  • Content on this site ranges anywhere from PG to 18+. Explicit content must be placed in spoiler warnings. The uploading or linking of explicit images or videos are prohibited, and should mature conversations appear in threads or the chatbox that will make some users feel uncomfortable, involved parties will be asked to stop.

  • Mild cursing (OOC) is allowed in moderation, as long as it is not used as a means to offend a person out of character. Swearing is allowed in character, but please refrain from making your posts incomprehensibly full of curses.

  • While drama between characters in writing is highly encouraged, out of character (OOC) drama between users – in any form and of any position – is not tolerated. An insult of any kind towards another user is considered cyber bullying, and will result in an immediate and severe punishment. We ask that you treat everyone with respect, and the same respect will be reflected back to you. If you are a victim, or even if you know someone being bullied on the site, please let a staff member know either through skype, or private messages.

  • If a conflict or disagreement occurs through threads or in the chatbox, do not continue the conversation and alert a staff member. Take screenshots, or remember who is witness to the conflict to make it easier for staff members to deal with the situation as quickly as possible, but that is not required.

  • That being said; gender, racial, ethnical, religious and other social discrimination is not tolerated.

  • Please refrain from bringing up and/or discussing matters such as religion or politics, as these may come across as touchy subjects for many. Anyone doing so will be asked to stop and if the discussion continues, warnings will be issued out to all participants.

  • Spamming (the sending or posting of repeated, irrelevant and/or annoying messages) in any form is not tolerated. For site purposes, the unneeded editing of or the revival of "dead" threads are also considered spam.

  • Do not expect your application to be looked at the moment you post. You may speak to the moderator in charge of approving that particular section either by PMs or in the chatbox, but they have the right to refuse to look at it right away, as they may have other matters to tend to. All staff members are also people with lives, so please be patient. If your application still hasn't been looked at for 48 hours, then you may message an administrator.

  • The word of any administrator overrides that of any moderator. Of course, that being said, any confusion that a moderator may have will be cleared out by talking to an administrator.

Roleplay Rules

  • Pureblood Alliances is a semi-literate to literate roleplay, and posts range from 3-4 sentences, to lengthy paragraphs. Please refrain from constantly posting one-liners, but - on the other hand – do not feel pressured into writing long paragraphs if the person you are RPing with is writing that much.

  • When roleplaying your characters, always read your posts to make sure you are not "cheating". Cheating means the act of godmodding, powerplaying or metagaming. Please be aware of the rank and general details of characters you are roleplaying with to avoid godmodding and other “cheating” roleplay.

        - Godmodding: Godmodding is the act of making a character invincible, or insanely powerful. Keep in mind that there are different ranks on the site, and powers differ accordingly. Read the information about the powers and abilities of each rank/species for more information.
        - Powerplaying: Powerplaying is when one player's post does not allow the other player(s) a chance to reply / respond to a situation occurring in the thread, or when you control another person's character without permission.
        - Metagaming: Metagaming is when information obtained out of character by a player is applied in character - such as when your character knows of some secret information about the other character that he/she shouldn't know about.

  • Any out of character notes must be placed in brackets with the words OOC to indicate that whatever you wish to say is not part of the roleplay. Avoid placing too many OOC posts. ie. [ OOC: Let's make this interesting and throw in a Level E vampire. ]

  • Solo threads (in which you are the only person roleplaying in a thread) are fine, but please refrain from posting short posts - less than 300 words - in such threads. Any attempt at cheating the system to collect more gold in your posts will result in a warning.

  • When roleplaying with one or more other roleplayers apart from yourself, try to keep posts in order. If Person A posts, followed by Person B, then Person C, the fourth post should be Person A, and not B or C. Posting order may be changed with the consent of all participants in the thread, and an OOC note must be placed stating the post order change by one of the participants.

  • Do not roleplay any unapproved characters, weapons, abilities, or miscellaneous items without special permission.

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2 Re: Important Site Rules [ Must Read ] on Sat Aug 31, 2013 12:49 am


Chatbox Rules

  • All General Rules apply in the chatbox, no exceptions.

  • The chatbox is there for all members of Pureblood Alliance RPG to use, including newly registered users. Always try and make sure to keep the conversation inviting, and not just between a handful of users - use Skype, PMs, or an alternate method of communication for that. 

  • Though not a rule that will be enforced with punishments, always try to greet members who log in, and welcome new users who have recently joined. You may help to answer any questions a user may have, but only if you are certain your answer is correct. If not, direct that user to a staff member for help.

  • Do not badger staff members about anything within 5 minutes of them signing into the chatbox. Give them a moment to breathe, then ask nicely for them to help you with whatever it is that you need assistance with. 

  • Always spoiler links in the chatbox, even if it is a link from within the site. This is to prevent extremely long links from stretching the chatbox, and also to avoid having people click links that they don't want to open.
    [spoiler]Link/URL Here[/spoiler]
  • Never post images or videos directly into the chatbox, even if it is spoilered. Always post up the link/URL in spoilers instead.

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3 Re: Important Site Rules [ Must Read ] on Sat Aug 31, 2013 12:56 am


Warning and Ban System

Much like other RPG sites, we have a warning and ban system put in place as an enforcement to our rules. Keep in mind that this is just a basic guide, and for anything considered a minor offense, that may be up to a staff member's discretion. If you feel that a staff member is not handling a situation appropriately, please take it up with an administrator.

  • Generally, most offenses follow the warning bar system. This bar (shown within spoilers below), has five levels to it ; 100% - a full bar, which everyone starts off with, 75% - after committing one offense, 50% - after committing two offenses, 25% - after committing three offenses, and 0% or Banned - the final strike which results in your account being banned.

Warning Bar System:

  • Every time an offense if committed, your warning bar will generally diminish down by a level, and a message will be sent to you by the staff who issued the warning as a notification with the reason behind the warning. A log will also be kept in a staff section recording the warnings issued to a member.

  • However, there are exceptions to the system above. If a staff member (moderator or lower) believes that someone is committing enough offenses to be banned on the spot, they may notify an administrator for an instant ban. In this case, if you wish to contest the decision made, please take it up in private messages with an administrator.

  • In addition, offenses listed in the general rules that occur in the chatbox will also be dealt with through the warning bar system. For minor offenses (such as rude behaviour not yet considered an offense), you may simply be kicked from the chatbox by a mod+, or temporarily banned from the chatbox.

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