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Set in the early 20th century, our plot centers around three main factions - Cross Academy, the Vampire Hunter Association, and the Pureblood Alliance. 

Fifty years has passed since the creation of Cross Academy, now a flourishing, prestigious school primarily reserved for the children of vampire hunters, and youthful vampires searching for a new future. With ____ as the new Headmaster, the school sits delicately on the fence, balancing two sides which are constantly at the brink of an all-out war, while trying to provide the best education and guidance to all the bright souls gathered there.

The Vampire Council is no more, having long been destroyed from the inside by corrupt individuals seeking only to gain for themselves. The vast population of vampires were left ungoverned, unrestrained by rules and committing acts of which attracted the attention of the Hunters Association, who in turned cracked a hard whip and set about eliminating all whom they deemed a danger to society. Cross Academy faced the risk of having to close down, unable to cope with the constant brawls between students as political and social pressures from the world around them affected their ability to function peacefully as the students they were supposed to be. 

But within five years of such chaos, the awakening and reappearance of Purebloods - those who had been asleep for centuries, even millenniums in an attempt to relieve themselves of the boredom and loneliness that had plagued them before their slumber - shocked the world into a temporary peace; a quiet lull before the inevitable new storm that was stirring. Turning to their natural leaders for guidance, the world seemed to take a turn for the better as most of the vampires stopped their acts of violence towards the humans ... until a group of five influential Purebloods formed an alliance and declared their motive:

To rid the world of vampire hunters and enslave all humans under their power - whether they remained as humans or were turned into vampires. 

They saw the humans as weaker, inferior beings, and it was the nature of such weaker beings to be led by those of a higher standing - vampires. And as such freedom and power so greatly benefitted their kind, many nobles supported this alliance, as did most other ranks of vampires. 

Now the world is teetering on the edge once more, the Vampire Hunter Association uneasy and not willing to start a war where victory is not certain, and the Pureblood Alliance slowly working at towards their goals. Cross Academy still stands, but tension is thick, and every moment peace is threatened.

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