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Types of Vampires

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In the vampire world, there are five main levels of vampires to be noted. These levels determine the amount of influence a vampire has, the abilities they possess, and - to some extent - their sanity. The heirarchy of vampire levels are infinitely important knowledge to all, and can determine your place in the world (if you are a vampire), or your success in a battle or your potential death (if you are a vampire hunter).

Level A / Pureblood Vampire

Level A vampires, better known as the Purebloods. The ones who receive the greatest amount of respect from fellow vampires, the ones who the humans and vampire hunters were most wary of. A single one of these rare beings is enough to wipe out multiple cities if not stopped, enough to create and end wars. Purebloods are exactly what they're called - vampires whose blood are so pure and undiluted by humans that they retain enormous power, far greater than that of the next level of vampires. In addition to greater abilities, pureblood vampires are also the only type of vampires able to change a human into a vampire. Because of their pure bloodlines, the numbers of pureblood vampires are incredibly small, and the gathering of more than three of these beings in one location used to be considered phenomenal.

Notable Characteristics:

  • Can live over a thousand years. It is unclear how long a Pureblood can live for exactly, and most Purebloods enter prolonged periods of slumber.
  • Are able to heal rapidly (almost instantaneous) from non-lethal wounds without immediately requiring a replenish of blood.
  • Appear to be less affected by hunter weapons. While it is still the most potent type of weapon against a Pureblood, it appears that with enough willpower, certain Purebloods are able to touch - or even use - vampire hunter weapons.
  • Possess at least one special ability.
  • Have enhanced speed, strength, and endurance - far greater than that of other vampires.
  • Are able to bite a human and force them to undergo a change into a vampire.

Level B / Noble Vampire

Level B vampires, or Noble Vampires. These vampires are the next most respected rank in the vampire world, and most noble families have incredible influence. In the absence of active Purebloods, it is the Nobles who take care of the vampire affairs and relations. Nobles can be considered "lesser Purebloods" - though the term is used lightly and not an actual title - in which they possess only slightly more diluted blood, making their abilities inferior to those of the Purebloods, but greater than those of the other ranks. A Noble who is distantly related to a Pureblood is not uncommon, as all nobles are descendants - however distant - of Purebloods, making them distinctly different from Level C and under.

Notable Characteristics:

  • Possess a single special ability.
  • Life Span of up to ~800 years maximum.
  • Increased control over abilities, enhanced speed, strength, endurance, mentality, etc.

Level C

Level C vampires, simply known as "Common" vampires, make up the largest population of the vampire world. These vampires generally have little to no blood (in a relative, family manner) with Purebloods or Nobles. These vampires are generally created after being bitten by by a Pureblood, then drinking some of the blood from the one who had bitten them, therefore stabilizing their condition and preventing them from becoming a Level E. These vampires also have the ability to reproduce with others of the same species, and the children born are also vampires. Level C vampires possess no extraordinary abilities, but also possess enhanced speed, strength, and endurance.

Level D

Level D vampires are those who have been bitten by a Pureblood, but have not drank - or did not drink enough of - the blood of their sire, meaning their condition has not yet been stabilized. These vampires possess nearly the same speed and strength capabilities of Level C vampires, but their endurance is decreased. Level D vampires can attempt to fight their descent into the Level E stage by avoiding the act of drinking human blood (replacing it instead with animal blood or blood tablets) or drinking the blood of a Pureblood (that is not their sire). Without such delays, a Level D vampire may transform into a Level E vampire in a period as short as two months.
Level E

Level E vampires are those who have lost all rationality, their minds set only killing and draining humans of blood. These vampires - though most non-Level E vampires do not consider these monsters as creatures of the same species as them - were bitten by a Pureblood but were not stabilized to become a Level C, instead remaining as a Level D until eventually transforming into their current state. Such vampires still possess the speed and strength of Level D or C vampires, and even their endurance is almost on par with Level C vampires, as they do not react to pain.

Notable Characteristics:

  • Seem to have specific preferences to the type of humans they feed on. (ie. young teenagers, children, males, females, etc.)
  • Do not react to pain and will continue to attack until incapacitated.
  • Have varying levels of intelligence - those with higher intelligence are often smart enough to cover their tracks to avoid being hunted down.
  • Can recognize fellow Level D&E vampires and usually mark them as comrades.
  • Will generally attack Level C vampires, avoid Level B vampires and vampire hunters, and have a natural, paralyzing fear for Purebloods.

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