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Academy, Association, and Alliance Guidelines [wip]

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There are three main groups available for roleplay – with more to be added later as part of the site plot development. These three groups are the Cross Academy, the Vampire Hunter Association, and the Pureblood alliance – shortened to the “Academy”, “Association”, and “Alliance” respectively. To make it even shorter, all three groups may be referred to collectively as the Triple ‘A’s. Below are some general information regarding the three different groups; how they are structured, their general motives, and what one has to do to become a part of a group.

Cross Academy

Accepted Species:Vampires (Purebloods and Nobles, special permission required to have other ranks attend), Vampire Hunters, and Humans.

Age: 14 – 25 in chronological age for humans and vampire hunters, relative age for vampires.

Cross Academy is a large, prestigious school school primarily reserved for the children of vampire hunters, and for young vampires seeking to expand their knowledge and understand more about the world they inhabit. While there may still be human students who do know about the existence of vampires, these are now far and few in between. Cross Academy is shielded from most of the outside world, the large expanse of land which the Academy sits on is surrounded by trees, and the nearest location of civilization is a town about a 10 minute ride by carriage or car, and about 40 minute walk at a normal, human speed. The school is split into two dormitories – the Day class, and the Night class. As the name suggests, the Day class (consisting of humans and vampire hunters) attend their classes during the day, and in the evening, the Day class crosses paths momentarily with the Night class – who are on their way to attend their classes during the night. The Day class resides in the Sun dorm, while the Night class resides in the Moon dorm, and both paths leading to the dormitory areas are restricted by dorm gates, each one guarded by gatekeepers. Classes always take place in the main building, and neither class of students may enter the opposite dorm unless given special permission.

Leader: The leader, or person with highest authority, in the school is the Headmaster. All situations related to the Academy and its students are reported directly to the Headmaster, and even Purebloods attending the school must abide by the Headmaster's rules.

Motives: The Academy struggles to remain neutral, working to provide education to their students while avoiding political and social influences from the Hunters Association and the Pureblood Alliance. However, this proves to be very difficult, as they must still attempt to comply with some of the demands made by each side in order avoid getting on anyone’s bad side. A truce between all students and teachers is enforced, but students in the Academy often break out in small fights between both the same species and different species anyways.

Rules and Enforcement: Vampires are prohibited from using their abilities on school grounds, and likewise, vampire hunters are prohibited from keeping their weapons on their person during regular school days. Prefects are individuals assigned with the task of ensuring that neither side breaks the truce, and are the only members allowed to use their abilities / weapons when necessary.

Ranks: A student's term at the school is generally 4 years - shorter or longer depending on special circumstances. Each year is considered a rank, and different ranks within the school can dictate what your character can or can not do. In addition, prefects and Purebloods also hold their own form of rank in the school, and have extra authority and influence within the school. More on ranks [url=emptyurl]here[/url].

Vampire Hunters Association

Accepted Species: Vampire Hunters. Special permission required for humans and vampires.

Ages: 14-65


The Association is presented in all parts of the world, but their main headquarters is located within the town by the Academy. The Hunters Association pride themselves in protecting the human world from vampires who seek to harm society. They are generally made up of Vampire Hunters – humans who have trained in the art of incapacitating and killing vampires with specialized weapons that only they can wield. Generally, they hail from well-known families with generations of vampire hunting experience, and the more a family is known for their history as vampire hunters, the more influence they hold within the Association. The Vampire Hunters Association is led by a President, who holds almost a dictatorial power over the rest of the Association, and whose orders are absolute. Missions are given to those within the Association’s ranks by the President and his/her direct subordinates – missions that include hunting down rogue vampires, keeping track of those they list as ‘potentially dangerous’, acting as guards for areas known to be frequented by vampires, etc.


The leader of the Vampire Hunters Association is known as the President, and most people will refer to him by this title, unless given permission otherwise (or if you have a death wish). This person is the absolute leader of the Association, and whose orders are not to be defied. While the President does often discuss matters with his council members, he is the one to make the final decision. The President can lose his position in three ways: death, voluntary resignation, and the forced removal by fellow vampire hunters. The President is often chosen for his physical abilities when fighting, and involvement with the Association, so this tends to leave the Association at the hands of someone who’s sole purpose in life is to destroy the vampire species.


The general motive of the Association is to protect society from being taken over or harmed by the vampire species. To do this, they focus mainly on removing dangerous Level E vampires – those who no longer have conscious control over themselves – and tracking the movements of higher ranked Level B and A (nobles and purebloods, respectively) vampires. They often cooperate with Cross Academy, monitoring the Night class students as well as providing training for Day Class vampire hunter students.

Rules and Enforcement: 

The President’s word is law. That is the first and foremost rule in the Association. Apart from that, general rules include:

  • Vampire hunter weapons cannot be used or seen by the public unless you have no choice but to do so.     
  • Never allow yourself to be caught by a vampire, and never allow your weapon to be in the hands of a vampire.     
  • In the case of tending to an injured individual while in pursuit of a dangerous vampire, purse the vampire. The death of one victim is far outweighed by the potential of more deaths.    
  • Always report everything to a higher up when on a mission.    
  • Do not interfere with another hunter’s mission unless it directly involves you.     
  • Do not provoke a vampire by threatening them if they are not your target. Unnecessary conflicts are not tolerated.    
  • When given a supervisor or higher up in a mission, you are required to listen to their orders.


There are four main ranks in the Hunters Association (five, if including the President). The difficulties of missions are matched with such ranks – easy missions are given to the lowest rank of vampire hunters. In addition to missions, the strength and abilities of weapons also correspond with a vampire hunter’s rank. More information about vampire hunter ranks [url=tba]here[/url].

Pureblood Alliance

Accepted Species: Vampires

Ages: ???


The Pureblood Alliance is a secret society of vampires who ultimately plot the downfall of human control over the world, seeking to dominate the planet and provide a world in which vampires may live freely, ruling over the humans. The Purebloods themselves hold secret meetings away from even the Alliance’s own members, and orders are given secretly under the guise of Noble parties and gatherings.


Led by five influential Purebloods, nothing much is known about how the leadership works, only that one Pureblood holds greatest influence, while the other four are of equal standing.


Not much is known about the true motives of the Alliance, except for the fact that they are plotting to remove the threat of the Hunter’s Association and ultimately rule over the humans.

Rules and Enforcement:

Needless to say, a Pureblood's word is the highest ranking order you can receive as a vampire. And in many cases, simply being directly given an order from a Pureblood with render a vampire completely obedient, with a compelling need to satisfy the Pureblood. Several rules - spoken and unspoken - are listed below:

  • Never directly ask questions about the Alliance, even as a member. Any suspicious behaviour will be seen as an act of betrayal or hostility, and may result in a death penalty.
  • Never defy orders, unless you do not fear death, or have a reason to believe that defying orders from a higher up will not have severe consequences.
  • Never question the identity, abilities, or judgement of the Pureblood leaders. Few members of the Alliance are actually acquainted with the Purebloods, and thus, no one really knows much about the leaders, but questions are not tolerated.
  • Never bring unnecessary attention to the Alliance. Membership must be highly concealed, and in the case of being captured, information must be protected.
  • Any threat to the Alliance will be dealt with or eliminated by order of the authority in the Alliance. If a vampire is caught carelessly revealing information, no mercy will be given.

Ranks: The ranks in the Alliance are generally based on the "Level" of the vampire - ie. Pureblood, Noble, Level C, etc. However, there may be special positions such as advisor to the Purebloods, direct subordinates to the leaders, etc. Ranks can be found [url=emptyurl]here[/url].

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